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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hello Again Deployment

Military Love

Here I am again,
two weeks into this summer's deployment.
Honestly, these past two weeks have been a breeze compared to last summer.
You can read about that here,  here and also here.

So many things are still just as hard.
But now I know how to handle it. 
I feel like an old pro!
I didn't even cry when I kissed him goodbye at the airport, 
never mind that I sobbed ridiculously for two hours on the way home. :)

I seem to have slipped easily into "deployment mode." 
Get ready for the DIY's and projects y'all!
I've been saving up every single inspiration and idea for the past year to keep me busy over the next few months.  I also have a few trips planned that will help break up the time.

One of the very first things I did after Scott left was print out several of my go-to 
deployment scriptures and tape them up around the house. 
I put them on the fridge, and on doors, on cupboards and mirrors, 
anywhere I would see them often.  

Encouraging Verses for Deployment

Kari Jobe wrote a song called You Are For Me that has been such an 
encouragement to me in the midst of many trials. 
Sometimes I just need to remember that the Lord is for me, not against me,
 and that troubles produce sanctification to His glory.



That's all I have to say for now. 
But keep your eyes open, there are so many projects in the works around the house right now. :) 
I can't wait to share them all with you!



  1. So glad to see your blog again! I will be waiting for your DIY projects.im here if ya ever need someone to talk with been thru deployment and know what it's like,but God gives us Grace to get thru it!

  2. Bless you Anna.

    You are full of Grace and it is lovely to see you trusting the Lord to be sufficient for you during this time.

    The verses are so well done. I need to see about doing some for my daughters bedroom.


  3. I will be praying for you! GOD bless you during this time!

    Can't wait to see your projects! have fun!


  4. Anna,
    praying for you EVERY DAY for this next 100 days!!
    love you!

  5. Praying for you and Scott while you are apart.



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