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Monday, August 26, 2013

Three days and a wake up...


He's coming home!!!
Four days.
Or, as he likes to say, three days and a wake up. :)
There are moments when I fear I will simply explode with all this anticipation.

I keep going over every detail of that glorious day in my mind.
Our home will be sparkling clean.
His favorite meal will keep warm in the CrockPot while a cheesecake cools on the counter.
A "Welcome Home" banner will hang prominently on the living room wall.

Everything is ready.
I've been planning for weeks.
The waterproof mascara is on hand, I've practiced how I'll do my hair, and I know just what to wear.

With butterflies in my stomach, I will drive to the base.
I'll wait nervously in the squadron,
and then finally, finally, finally,
he will be home.

Oh glorious day. :)


Love and blessings,


  1. What a blessing! You've been on my mind these past weeks as my own son-in-law left for Afghanistan after my daughter and he had only been married a short time. So happy he is coming home!

  2. I'm so happy for you. I know the "butterfly" feeling. You have handled his deployment with honesty and grace.

  3. So happy for you,Im hoping and waiting for my trip to pick up my husband who Lords willing will be coming home in Feb! Married life is wonderful when God is in the center!!!!!!

  4. I've read this and the previous posts - carefully, slowly, so I don't miss a single line. So beautiful are your words, so beautiful is your heart. The music you play here is my kind of music too... Brian Crain, Kari Jobe... Your mother and father have brought you up very well, and you have become your own person as well... I have told you before I also have a daughter, the only one, named Anna Grace. I love visiting your blog... you have become special to me, too, dear Anna Grace.

  5. God bless you wherever you are.
    Keep shining.

    #Love your track list.



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