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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Outfit of the Day, August 18th

Today we stayed at home all day, I didn't even run errands;
but I still like to look nice when Scott comes home from work; 
so this simple outfit is easy and pretty. 

Both the skirt and the blouse are from JC Penney. 
I am also wearing a nursing camisole from target underneath.

When I'm wearing a loose fitting blouse with a long skirt, it's easy to end up looking shapeless, so I just tucked the front of the top into the skirt band to give my waist at least a little definition. 

I love wearing flowing blouses over a nursing tank because it's easy to pull my shirt up and still be covered and it's not as obvious as a shirt made specifically to have nursing access.

Most days I wear this simple silver locket, if I wear any jewelry at all.
I love simplicity in clothing, I always feel uncomfortable when I try to wear too many layers or accessories, so this look suits me very well.

I hope your day is lovely.


  1. That blouse color looks wonderful on you Anna! I'm certain Scott appreciates your efforts to look nice for him, even with a young babe. You are smart to keep it simple!


  2. Hi,Anna! First off, I'm so happy for you and your little family. :)
    I've found these wardrobe posts to be very motivating and just now cleaned out my closet and dresser! I'm due with my first baby in December so I'm going back and forth with maternity/non-maternity right now.
    I was wondering if maybe you could do a post on what you packed for the hospital,postpartum at home,etc..? I would love to hear from a first time mom some things that were nice to have and what you didn't need.
    I always love checking your blog!

  3. Deanna, thank you!

    Hannah, thank you so much for your encouragement. I would be happy to do some posts on my hospital and postpartum essentials!



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