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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Preparing For Baby: Stocking the Freezer

As my due date creeps closer, there are a few projects I have been wanting to finish. 
One of which was stocking up on just a few things in the freezer. 

Our church family is wonderful about providing meals for couples with new additions, and my family is also coming for a week soon after my due date; so I am not preparing too many meals in advance. 

I did want to have a few things in the freezer though, some things for Scott to heat up and eat during those first few days before a meal schedule from our church is organized.

I have been pretty low on energy lately, but MOTIVATION is not lacking. 
(I think that maybe somewhere in the back of my mind I think this baby will be more inclined to come early if I am well prepared. Of course, Murphy's law will probably prevail.)

So today I made a list and a grocery trip and set about whipping up a few meals and goodies to stash away. I am especially looking forward to eating this banana bread. It is my absolute favorite.

My list of things to prepare in advance was:
Breakfast Casserole
Double Chocolate Bread
Banana Bread
Primal Fudge

Earlier this week I also made up some good old fashion mac and cheese too.

That is quite the list of comfort foods, isn't it?
I will post all of the recipes for these delicious dishes over the next few days.

I'm thankful to have some things put away. 
I know I will be even more thankful when the time comes to use them.

I would love to have some more good ideas for meals that freeze well. 
Any thoughts?
I can't seem to think of anything but pasta dishes.
Please leave a comment and tell me what has worked well for you!

Have a wonderful day! 


  1. Hi, Anna! I have read your mom's blog for quite a while and, through her, have heard your good news and am rejoicing with you! Your preparation of freezer meals reminded me of how I prepared for my daughter's birth a little over 3 years ago, and I had to go back in my archives and find that post. Here is one that mentions some meals I prepared:

    Here is the recipe for curried lentils:

    And here is the one for wild chicken:

    Here is the one for lentil stew:

    Here is ground beef grand style:

    Here is the Italian sausage and veggie pasta:

    I don't know if any of those sound appealing to you, but maybe something might! All of this is reminding me that in a few short months, I'm going to be needing to do this again myself! Oh what fun it is to prepare for a precious new baby!! :)

    May each day be especially blessed as you await her arrival. :)

  2. Been reading your blog for awhile...thanks for sharing and prayers for a safe delivery! Here is a recipe that our family loves (it is super easy and freezes wonderfully)

    Beef Barley Stew

    2 c chopped carrot
    1.5 lb cubed beef (of cooked ground beef)
    1 envelope onion soup mix (or homemade substitute)
    29 oz beef broth
    14.5 oz diced tomato with liquid
    2 c water
    1 c uncooked barley

    Combine in slow cooker and cook on low for 8-10 hours. Freeze leftovers



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