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Friday, February 6, 2015

We Are Having A Little Girl!!

We had our twenty week ultrasound this week, 
and the big news is finally out, we are having a little girl!

Scott and I are both so excited to have a daughter.
And I am thrilled to finally feel like I know our little baby.
I think it is easier to build a relationship with the child still inside your womb if you know the gender and name of your precious little one.

The name we have picked out is Mary Joy.
When we were choosing baby names we wanted to consider three things. First, we wanted to make a habit of naming our children the way people did in the Bible, naming them for the circumstances in our life at the time of their birth. Second, we wanted to consider family names. Third, we wanted to consider biblical characters that we want our children to emulate.

Mary means "Wished For Child" and this sweet little one certainly was wished for. 
Also, Mary the mother of Jesus was a godly woman, blessed among women, 
who found favor with God, and this is what we want for our daughter.

Joy is my mother's middle name, and it is also the name of a lovely woman here in New Mexico who has been a continuous vessel of blessing to our family. 
Both of these ladies are women we want our daughter to imitate as she grows.

I know that s many of you will share our excitement in this announcement, 
thank you for being part of our lives!



  1. So excited for you Anna! What a lovely name, and I like that you have given thought to what you wanted to name her.

    I agree with you about knowing the gender. Everytime we could find out the gender we did! I loved knowing!


  2. One of my favorite names of all time! We are so excited tomeet her, love you both, eric....and by both i mean all three.



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