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Friday, July 12, 2013

Creative Care Packages

My husband is currently deployed and I have been making quite a few trips to the post office lately.
I love, love, love, sending him care packages when he's so far away. 
I especially enjoy the opportunity to bless and serve him while we're apart.

Care Package

I had so much fun with this first package. I wanted it to be hands down, the best package he had ever received. I bought stickers and scrap booking paper at Hobby Lobby, and had pictures printed at Walmart. Then I just had a ton of fun putting all of it together.

Creative Care Package

I sent some things to make him laugh. These T-Rex pictures are some of his favorites.
They never fail to bring a smile.

Care Package

Deployment Care Package

I am a die hard romantic, so I just had to include some of that too. :)
Along with lots of long, hand written, perfume saturated letters.

Deployment Care package

Here are some of the things I sent in this package:
Trio Bars (An incredibly tasty  fruit and nut bar.)
His favorite flavor of Triscuit crackers.
Stuffed Olives (To go with the crackers.)
Dark Chocolate Bars
Tea (We are BIG tea drinkers.)
Army Guys
Chipotle Tabasco Sauce (A necessity to his life.)
Colored pictures from siblings and friends
 7 Days of Love pill box ( I got the idea here.)

I put my own spin on the pill box idea since Scott is not a big fan of candy. 
Instead, I just filled each day with hand written love notes.
And lipstick kisses on scraps of paper. :)

I wrapped the jar of olives in several sheets of bubble wrap to make sure it arrived intact.
Then I filled all the holes in the package with these bubble things (?) to keep anything from getting smashed if the box got banged around.

care package ideas

Creative Care Package

I mailed this smaller package just today:

Several handwritten love notes. (A TDY and deployment tradition of ours)
Dark Chocolate covered Pomegranate
Stylus pen for his iPad
Bearclaw Telescoping Back Scratcher (Found here.)

When the back scratcher shipped from Amazon I was really impressed with the quality. 
I was a little worried about buying one that telescoped because I thought it would likely break easily.
This one was pretty sturdy, but is still conveniently small.  It's only about the size of a pen, and my thought was that he could just carry it with him in his pocket.

As for the love notes, there's a little bit of a story there.
A year ago Scott was deployed for 100 days, and during that time I wrote him 100 notes. Each one contained one thing I love about him. These could be things about his character, his body, or his personality. And after a while he started writing on the back of the cards and sending them back.
Now there is a box on a shelf in my closet that is sagging with stacks of love notes and long romantic letters.
Just the thought makes me squeal with delight. :)

I'm going to link some other really great care package ideas down here too.

Okay, that's it. 
If you have more ideas I would love to hear them, so leave a comment!
Hope your day is blessed!


  1. That is precious, Anna!

    He will be so anxious to get home!


  2. Anna - such a great post. I'm sure your husband gets butterflies when he sees his package at mail call. I hope that you are still at your parents house and that your dad is doing better. You are in our prayers.



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