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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Making a House a Home

Simple Decor

I've been imagining my 
"House of Dreams"
(As dear Anne Shirley put it)
since I was a very young girl.
And now, as a newly married woman,
 I can't tell you how much fun it is to prowl through dimly lit antique shops,
hunting for something just perfect for that corner that still stands empty.
Or searching for that ideal painting to fill the empty wall above the sofa.


The walls and carpet in our home are neutral.
A blank canvas.
I was thrilled.
There was no limit to the spectrum of possibilities,
no color restrictions,
I could do anything I wanted!
Simple decor

We had very little furniture.
Only what had been in both of our bedrooms.

romantic bedding

I remembered with a grateful heart the stories my mother had told about their first apartment.
Lime green appliances, ugly brown carpet, 
and a hodgepodge of mismatched furniture.

Simple home decor

Before we were even married, our house was nearly furnished.
We were humbled as furniture came from all over the place.
A family moving across the country gave us their dining table.
Another friend needed to put his things in storage while he was deployed
and would we like his coffee table?
Some dear friends replacing their living room furniture gave us their couch and loveseat.
A bin table I had loved and admired at a friends house mysteriously appeared in our Uhaul.
Romantic Decor

And I could go on.....

Sometimes I still stand in my home, just breathless.
All of our furniture came from people we love.
There are stories and memories attached to everything.
And everything came from different homes, yet it all goes together flawlessly!
(Just a quick thought: Why are we amazed when God does things like that for us?)

Home decor

I have always love interior decor.

Before I got , I was always rearranging my bedroom and giving it "makeovers."
I LOVED to watch decorating shows on HGTV,
and I loved to go thrifting or antiquing to find little treasures.

I am all about lace, roses, candles and antique gems.

Before we were married,
 I laughingly asked Scott how he would feel about living in a pink house,
filled to the brim with all things girly.
He, being the perfect gentlemen that he is, said he wouldn't mind,
because he appreciates my love for such things.

But in all honesty, it's his home too.

And I'm quite of the opinion that it should reflect him as much as it does me.
This is made somewhat easier in that we like the same styles, colors, etc.

Masculine home decor

I have been having the time of my life trying to fill our home with things that we love,

both masculine and feminine.

Therefore, if you walk into our kitchen,

not only will you find all manner of antique kitchen utensils,
geraniums blooming in the window,
and ruffly floral curtains framing the view.

Simple Decor

But you will also find a Kitchen Aid that looks like an airplane. :)

(Which Scott had long before I ever met him. Very impressive.)

Masculine Home Decor

And in our living room there are candles,

Decorating with candles

and quilts.

Country Decor

As well as a gas mask,

antique military maps,
and George Washington crossing the Delaware.

Masculine Decor

So there it is, a few glimpses into our home.

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures.
And I apologize for all of my rambling thoughts.
I really just sat down to post these pictures..... Oops. :)

Whenever I'm not faithful to blog consistently I never can keep up with everything God is doing in my life.

So I'll let my mother tell you instead.

To read about my Dad's diagnosis of Cancer,

Here is the link to Life at Providence Lodge

May the Lord bless and keep you,


  1. Beautiful view of your home. It's lovely.

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. We are all praying for your father.



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